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For People with Autism Recover expectations

Many parents are fooled and end up regretting for ignoring the symptoms of autism. Autism is now pushed one in every 150 toddlers. So do not just fix the symptoms of autism in eye contact are commonly known in the community.
The term autism comes from the word "auto" which means standing alone. The term was introduced by Leo Kramer in 1943 because he saw the child with autism has a strange behavior, look indifferent to the environment and tend to be solitary as if living in different worlds. Belonging to the strange behavior of this severe developmental disorder occurs because of nerve damage in some parts of the brain.
According to Dr. Rudy Sutadi, SpA, a specialist in children from the Center for Autism Therapy Kid, brain damage arises due to many factors, including the issue of genetic and environmental factors. Autism is divided into two. Called classic autism when there is nerve damage from birth, because during pregnancy, mothers infected with the virus, such as rubella, or exposure to harmful heavy metals such as mercury and lead that affect the formation process menagacaukan nerve cells in the fetal brain.
The second kind is called regressive autism. Arise when children between the ages of 12 to 24 months. Relatively normal development of children before, but suddenly at the age of 2 years child meninjak child's ability to decline. Which had been able to make a sentence of 2 to 3 words changed silent and no longer speaks. Children appear apathetic and unwilling to make eye contact. Outstanding at the conclusion klangan regressive autism experts say appears because the child directly contaminated by a number of factors trigger. The most highlighted is exposure to heavy metals, especially mercury and lead from the environment.
A hopeIt used to be considered autistic has no future, now healed opportunities are wide open. Children with autism is said to heal if it is able to follow the regular school, grow and live independently in the community with no residual symptoms. abroad now have a child with autism who attend school till S3, married and have children even became official. Key to healing children with autism there are two, namely the intervention of behavior therapy with methods of ABA and biomedical intervention. ABA stands for Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). Was first used in the treatment of autism by Lovaas, so called the Lovaas method. This method of training a child capable of language, social, academic, and ability to help themselves. In 1967, Lovaas ABA has been shown to improve abnormalities in children with autism dnan to 89 percent success rate. While the biomedical intervention is needed to fix the damage to the body's cells from heavy metal poisoning, and drive out the constraints that hinder the entry of nutrients to the brain. Biomedical intervention requires children to undergo a specific diet. Dipantang type of food poisoning depend on the severity of the condition occurring. Children with autism are generally prohibited from consuming cow's milk and foods containing white flour.
Diet Cows Milk and Wheat FlourCow's milk contains casein protein while the protein-containing wheat gluten. According to Rudy, autistic children's bodies can not digest casein and gluten completely. Incomplete description of the compound into the blood vessels and reach the brain as morphine. This is evidenced by the discovery of morphine is characterized by the content of casein and gluten in a urine test children with autism. The presence of morphine clearly affects the brain and nerve centers so that children behave in strange and difficult to interact with their environment. "Hence, children with autism behave like a dope fiend. Sometimes it can interact with their environment, but only temporarily and then crap again," said Rudy. With casein and gluten diet can minimize the disruption of morphine and stimulate the ability of children receiving ABA therapy.
Detection of autismObserve your toddler motion, because the symptoms of autism appear at 0-3 years of age phase there are many symptoms of autism. even if there is eye contact, if the child shows other symptoms of autism, you should immediately consult a neurologist or a child's psychiatric expert to ensure the child's autism diagnosis. Diagnosis can be trusted if the doctor did a test with a DSM IV or ICD-10.
Indicators of autistic behavior in childrenLanguage and Communicationa .. Flat facial expressionb .. Not using language or gesturesc .. Rarely initiates communicationd .. Not mimic the action and sounde .. Speak little or nof .. Repeating or parroting of words, sentences, or singingg .. Saying vocal intonation or rhythm peculiarh .. Looks do not understand the meaning of the word. If you understand and use words in a limitedRelationships with peoplea .. Not responsivea .. No social smilea .. Not communicate with the eyesa .. Limited eye contacta .. Looks fun when left alonea .. Do not turn the gamea .. Using an adult's hand as a tool to do somethingRelationship with the environmenta .. Repetitive play or repeateda .. Angry and do not require changesa .. Development of a rigid routinea .. Showed interest in something and not very flexibleResponse to stimulia .. Panic of certain soundsa .. Very sensitive to noisea .. Playing with light and reflectionsa .. Plays fingers in front of the eyea .. Pull away when toucheda .. Really do not like the clothes, food, or certain thingsa .. Interested in patterns, textures, or odorsa .. Very inactive or hyperactivea .. Maybe something like twirling, playing around in circles, head banging, or biting the wrista .. Jumping or hand flapping-ngepakana .. Hold or odd respond to painBehavioral development gapa .. Capability may be something very good or very latea .. Learn skills outside of the order normal.Misal: read but not understand the meaninga .. Drawing in detail but could not buttoning clothesa .. Smart play but very difficult puzzle to follow ordersa .. Running at normal age, but can not communicatea .. Current parrot to talk, but it's hard to start talking of the self (communication initiatives)a .. A time to do something, but other times notVaccination: Benefits and DangersIn the body of a group of children with autism in the U.S. that were previously immunized repeatedly determined over the mercury content of normal levels. How bisamasuk mercury into the body of a child? ternyat, some vaccines containing thimerosal preservative. Nearly 50 percent of these compounds consists of etilmerkuri.
Other facts about the relevance of the vaccine and expressed autismen Andrew Wakefield in 1998. British doctor describes the combined MMR vaccine (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) to prevent measles, mumps and rubella (German measles) vaccine even if it does not contain mercury.
Rudy describes MMR contains three viurs, given to children in the hope of having children can direct three natibodi. At certain children, the arrival of the three viruses at the same time causing an autoimmune reaction in which substances are supposed to protect even invade the body, exactly which attack the sheath of nerve fibers of the brain.
At present not a single state prohibits the use of these vaccines, given its presence is needed to prevent outbreaks of dangerous diseases in the wider community. Developed countries like the United States was a new phase of ordered vaccine manufacturers for the manufacture of air-emnghentikan thoimerosal and immediately produce mercury-free vaccines. Bermerkuri vaccine stocks are still in use. When a new vaccine production has been sufficient for his country, then the vaccine "problematic" withdrawn from circulation.
Rudy therefore suggest the vaccination should be the parents prefer the child's individual condition. When in the neighborhood there are a large family with autism, genetic disorders such as down syndrown, or autoimmune diseases such as lupus and rheumatic heart disease, children are at risk of autism. Fixed give immunizations to protect children from infectious diseases, but do a more thorough way. Ask your doctor to vaccinate measles, mumps, and rubella with the schedule is about 3 months apart from each other. - Enjoy High eCPM Rates!