Minggu, 08 April 2012

Effect of Isotonic Drinks

Isotonic more incentive to invade the market. Through advertising, this product is imaged able to replace lost body fluids in a short time. Behind the impression of freshness, isotonic drinks can be dangerous if taken carelessly. An isotonic beverage advertising on television say, ion in isotonic able to keep the skin moist and your body better than ordinary water. Another ad says, lost two percent of body fluid will decrease stamina and concentration. Lecturer at the Department of Food Science and Technology, Bogor Agricultural University, Frances Rungkat Zakaria, said the advertising of products isotonic most misleading the public.In the ad, as if to drink isotonic anyone and under any conditions. In fact, Frances warned, can not be taken carelessly isotonic because these drinks contain sodium salt (NaCl). "Look at the label, there must Na and Cl content of it," said Frances. He added, isotonic drinks is none other than saline solution. By the manufacturer, the solution was then given additional substances, such as vitamins. Ion that was mentioned is actually very beneficial to the body not only contained in the isotonic. Each salt is dissolved in water, said Frances, would be transformed into ions Na and Cl ions. "So, ion contained in the vegetable lodeh with isotonic ion in the same," said Frances. Because it contains salt, isotonic drink should not be indiscriminate.If excessive levels of salt in the body will lead to high blood pressure or hypertension. "When you've got hypertension, a matter of just a broken part of the body first," said Frances.
Of foodWhen our body sweats, sodium and chloride contained in body fluids come out through the pores of the skin.If the two substances were not replaced, the cells of our bodies too long will damage and death.The problem, of which sodium and chloride substances were obtained?Should it be from an isotonic drink? The answer is no.According to Frances, the food we consume daily is sufficient to replace sodium and chloride out with sweat."Every time cook, we always use salt. That's enough to replace the salt out of the body. Even excessive," said Frances.He reminded, in normal conditions, the adult body requires only 2.3 grams of sodium per day, whereas only 50-100 mg of chloride.In children, the needs of the two substances was less than that of adults.When we cook without salt, sodium and chloride requirements also can be met from food.He pointed out, one ounce of red meat contains 70 mg of sodium, while each 10 ounces of rice contains 10 mg sodium.Other foodstuffs, such as eggs, chicken, beans, fruits, and vegetables, also contain sodium."Therefore, in normal conditions, we do not need to replace body fluids with isotonic," said Frances.Frances reminded, consumed more suitable isotonic athletes who wrestle strenuous exercise.Heavy exercise in athletes, the need for sodium is higher than the average person, which is 5-7 grams per day.Even so, should be calculated in advance whether sodium and chloride are required concerned athletes already get from the food consumed.If still not, may be coupled with an isotonic.In developed countries, said Frances, there are agencies that examine and calculate how much sodium in the foods consumed by athletes.The result, the food menu is served three times a day that already contains 6 grams of sodium.
OutwitAlthough isotonic should not be taken carelessly, some product advertising isotonic ordinary people actually use the model (not athletes) as consumers isotonic. Isotonic drinks also drunk at normal conditions, such as traffic that is not always identical with the body's release of ions in excess.Even mentioned, not to mention the circumstances, isotonic better than plain water.According to Frances, such advertising is misleading the public.Manufacturers may be attracting buyers with creative advertising, but advertising should also be included in the information that is clear, not misleading information.Manufacturers should also be advised that drinks contain salt.That consumers can make the best decision, it should be mentioned also how much salt it takes a human per day."It will be noisy manufacturers. If the label is applied, their products will not sell.Even so, not because of economic interests, public health is at stake, "said Frances.So, although it seems refreshing, be careful if you want to eat isotonic.
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