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Beware of Muscle Pain!

Sore muscles and nerves is a common complaint, although it is actually quite effective stretching exercises to prevent it. Do not dismiss these disorders as tissue damage may become more severe and chronic.Muscle is the tissue that is useful to support the body. On the motion of the tool such as arms and legs, muscle function as an activator. On the rod body, the muscle is useful for developing and deflate the chest cavity and protects the other vital organs. To be able to work optimally, the muscle must be maintained.
If you are still able to move their neck, waist, shoulders, fingers, until hands raised in comfort, it means that the muscles are still working fine. However, if it sometimes comes pain during movement, do not dismiss the complaint.
Pain may last only a short time, could be a few days, even several years. At the moment of pain, most likely not interfere with daily activities.
The new patient will feel tortured if pain comes on an ongoing basis. If not addressed, the pain will be a serious disorder.
"Muscle pain is one of the complaints that often affects people," said Dr. M.R. Rachmawati Tutuko, Sp.RM, medical rehabilitation specialists from the Centre for Sustainable Resource Rehabilitation Dharma, Jakarta.
Can Chronic
Pain is an unpleasant feeling caused by the presence of a damaged tissue, either in progress or has occurred. With symptoms of pain, ongoing tissue damage can actually be addressed in order to avoid more severe damage.
Muscle pain is very different from the nerve pain. Pain caused by nerve generally more typical, depending on the nerve is depressed. Nerve in the buttock crease (ischiadicus nerve), when pressed will cause pain that radiates down to the feet, according to the nerves travel. Correct diagnosis can determine the type of pain that occurs, so that the therapy will be chosen the most appropriate.
The use of drugs that many in the market, often an option to address muscle pain. Unfortunately, the use of drugs that are not appropriate, especially without medical supervision, can lead to various side effects. For example, can result in gastritis (stomach inflammation), bone loss, even to inhibit the formation of blood cells.
"That's why, muscle pain management should be done thoroughly. By knowing the type of muscle pain that occurs and a contributing factor, then given the appropriate therapy," added the doctor graduated from the Faculty of Medicine who is familiarly called Dr. Ati this.
Cramps and Numbness
Have symptoms of nerve pain that is different from other pain. Explained Dr. Salim Harris, Sp.S (K), a consultant neurologist from RSCM, that the nerve pain accompanying symptoms will occur. Symptoms include impaired motor nerve function related to muscle motor skills, sensory nerves are also associated with impaired function of the skin.
Nerve or neuropathic pain varies widely. The characteristics of this pain is the presence of accompanying symptoms caused by nerve dysfunction. For example, nerve pain caused by nerve disorders mover muscles.
This resulted in the stimulation of muscle weakness until clonic muscle contractions (contraction and relaxation of muscles over and over again), tonic (muscle contractions persist), or cramps. On pain due to sensory nerve disturbance or taste, the symptoms that occur are usually loss of taste, numbness, to not feel the touch.
According to Dr. Salim, there are some diseases that cause nerve pain, such as pain caused by pinched nerves, metabolic disorders, and infection. Pinched nerve can occur at many places on the body.
"The most often occurs in the neck, palms, known as carpal tunnel syndrome, and waist," he added.
Pinched nerve pain in the neck are the result of bone destruction and bone support. This gives rise to prominence of pressure on the nerve and cause pain, and may be accompanied impaired muscle function.
Pinched nerve pain in the palm of the hand, a lot happens in a lot of people who work by hand in a grasping position. Nerves can be damaged and cause painful symptoms.
Pinched nerve pain in the waist, place the spine in the lumbar region. The disease is very distinctive because of low back pain from mild to severe. This pain may spread to the limbs or the local area. Other symptoms also accompany the muscle weakness, muscle cramps, numbness in telakap feet, calves, and surrounding areas.
On nerve pain caused by metabolic disorder usually occurs in people with diabetes mellitus (DM). Increased blood sugar levels that lasted long, will cause damage to blood vessels that feed the nerve fibers. This situation then causes the sufferer to feel numb, weak muscles, and occasional muscle spasms or cramps.
Treatment for pain, stated Dr. Salim, directed against the symptoms and causes. Pinching pain caused by nerve inflammation can be caused by primary or secondary. These clamps can also cause interference with nerve function. For treatment, Dr. Salim stressed, have used drugs that have the effect of pressing the inflammatory process. On the other hand, the presence of neurological dysfunction requiring treatment that can improve the metabolism of nerve.
Therefore, the use of vitamin B1, B6, and B12 is better to give effect to optimal recovery. On nerve pain due to metabolic disorders, in addition to the medication, the treatment must also be coupled to normalize blood sugar levels. (Diana Yunita Sari / cbn) - Enjoy High eCPM Rates!